Christmas at Burnt Norton

Christmas at Burnt Norton was as usual chaotic but wonderful. This year the turkey did not get burnt and the kids were exemplary. Eddie agreed to be vegetarian because cooking for nine, when you have two pescarians, two vegetarians and one vegan is a complete nightmare!!

The book is going well and I have done various talks at different festivals, book clubs and hotels. Last month I was asked to stand in for a famous actress/ food writer who had cancelled her talk at the Chipping Norton Food Festival at the last moment. I was delighted to be considered, but as a former model I had spent half of my life avoiding calories rather than eating them and I found their choice  unusual !! I read a passage from my novel about a gala evening given on the opening of Sir William Keyt’s new mansion, and by a very fortunate coincidence I found a menu from a dinner party actually given at Norton by the first Baron Harrowby, my husband’s ancestor in the 18th century. I was able to explain that the eight endless courses would have been a nightmare to most 20th century women but even more so to fashionable 18th century woman who would have been dressed in stays and stomachers! No wonder women carried smelling salts to prevent themselves from fainting. I was relieved to be told afterwards that the audience had enjoyed it and did not want their money back!!

The paperback of Burnt Norton comes out next week and here is a sneak preview of the cover. I will be talking at the Oxford Literature Festival and the Kempsford Lit festival .  Do please come and support me.

All being well the book is being signed for a three-part television drama. This is an extremely exciting prospect. Keep your fingers crossed!